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Learning Problems

Studies indicate learning problems are often associated with cancer and its treatment. The issues vary due to the type of cancer and treatment received and some problems don’t arise until years after treatment.

Common learning problems include the inability to:

  • Actively participate in a conversation and detect social cues
  • Sustain attention
  • Remember visual information rather than auditory
  • Sequence information
  • Comprehend material that is read (although reading the actual words is often not a problem)
  • Perform handwriting quickly and accurately
  • Copy information
  • Complete tasks in a timely manner
  • Keep up with new material
  • Perform math calculations (e.g., multiplication, division)
  • Process new information
  • Plan and organize

Areas which seem to be unaffected by cancer treatment include:

  • Learning and remembering information that is heard
  • Understanding the application of math concepts
  • Verbally communicating the understanding concepts and new material
  • Recalling information accurately, if provided enough time
  • Creativity

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