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Your Emotions

Throughout the rest of your life it's common to experience a wide range of emotions related to your cancer diagnosis and treatment. You may feel relief, anxiety, confusion, fear, anger and even depression. You can, however, take comfort in the knowledge that, with time, these emotions should subside.

You may also experience a variety of positive emotions - pride, hope, joy, happiness and excitement about your future. You have faced fear and have gained strength, courage, and confidence. This feeling of triumph and confidence does not always come easily; it may take time to recognize your own unique experience and understand its impact.

Studies show that cancer survivors are more adaptable to life stresses and seem quite resilient. However, it’s not uncommon to experience depression, anxiety, fear or post-traumatic stress at some point. Some of these experiences may be normal and fleeting; others may compromise your life to some extent, while still others may make normal life experiences difficult or endanger your well-being.